A Different Kind of Office

When we set out to find new office space, there were a few things that were important to us – really important to us.Great offices have a few common denominators.They have great light, great chairs, thoughtful details and take care of everyone on the team. With a bit of digging (and yes, a few very, very late nights) we were able to create that kind of space.

Here are a few things we think are worth noting:

Getting there
The office is right downtown, is steps away from the Canada Line, Expo Line, Millenium Line, and SeaBus, has easy parking nearby, and has bike lockers and storage for our team. This keeps it pretty smooth for everyone getting to and from the office, and helps promote an active lifestyle for our team.

Natural Light
Along the entire length of our office, are windows, windows and more windows. And then, we decided to use windows for our interior walls as well. Now, the light comes through for everyone and our spirit of transparency is a fact, not a just a concept.

Great chairs make a great difference (especially if you’re sitting on it all day!) We chose Herman Miller Embody Chair as the platform to support our, uh, business. Posture, comfort and style converge right where we need it.

Working with Herman Miller was amazing. Their team helped us select, and then custom design every piece of furniture in the office. We have height-adjustable desks that allow us to work standing and sitting, ergonomically designed work surfaces, a narrower-than-normal board room table to keep us all a little closer, and a video display system on wheels that goes where we need it, not the other way around. They did all of this in cool, stylish colours with a low environmental footprint. Herman Miller amazed us.

Read more about our office in a Herman Miller Whitepaper.

Phone system and technology
We know how important it is to rely on experts, we ask our clients to do that every day. That’s why we sought out some real experts to help us choose and deploy our technology. All our technology allows us to be nimble and responsive in preparing useful documents, reports and materials.

Space that makes sense
The last thing to say (besides the fact that we have a really cool collection of art on our walls) is that, with the exception of a couple of inches, all our working spaces are the same size. It takes a team to do what we do. Giving the boss a big office doesn’t make us better. Giving everyone a good-sized office does. So that’s what we did.


Welcome to Aptus BenefitsAptus Office Entryway

Aptus Benefits Bike Storage Room

Our Boardroom
State of the art phone system