Clients Who Stand for Something

Our clients are clients who stand for something. As a matter of fact, they typically stand for something worth fighting for (sorry about ending with a preposition, but the jargon sounds better).

Our clients include unions, medical groups, franchise organizations, “mom and pops” and not-for-profits. It’s really not the size of the organization – it’s the people. These are people who believe in something and work extremely hard to advocate for it, push for it, and argue on behalf of their causes.

Those are our clients.

Some “benefits consultants” shy away from clients like that because they’re concerned about the potential for conflict, being caught up in a mediation or negotiation, or because they’re just looking for something simpler that will renew each year. That’s not us.

We want to be working with people who stand for something, because we understand them – we’re just like them. We feel like they’re “our people.”

As you get to know all of us at Aptus, you’ll quickly recognize people who will be fighting on your behalf, because standing for a cause matters.